Richmond have two main divisions, the Medical/Pharma division and the FMCG division

Medical & Pharma

On the Medical/Pharma business we represent the companies we work with in multiple channels:

  • Medical – Hospitals, Clinics, Dentists etc
  • Retail – Pharmacies and the Modern Trade
  • Sanitation and Janitorial (San-Jan) – Cleaning departments in multiple channels including HoReCa.
  • Industrial – Warehouse, Garages, Petro-Chemical Industry etc.
  • Institutional – Schools, Offices, Airports etc.

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The FMCG division of the business operates into several channels:

  • Retail – Modern Trade and Traditional trade.
  • E-Commerce.
  • HoReCa or Food Service.
  • Travel retail – all regional airports.
  • Airlines – all major regional airlines including Qatar Airways, Emirates, Gulf Air and Etihad.

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